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Access Wills is a regulated member of the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners. We are authorised to offer our clients the following products.

Basic / Elaborate Wills:

Whether a Basic or an elaborate Will is required, our friendly and experienced consultants will take you step by step through all of the stages of completing your Will.

They will listen intently and explain in plain English the Legal requirements, and then make suggestions. We usually allow 1.5 hours for our appointments, but will take as long as is necessary.

Lasting Powers of Attorney:

If you are concerned that you could lose your home to pay for residential care costs, we at Access Wills can help. A Lasting Power of Attorney will allow your Family members to carry out your wishes and requirements, when you cannot.

They will be able to safeguard your property and other financial assets, if you were unable to, due to lack of mental capacity or illness.

You can also appoint your own family members as your attorneys to make decisions on your Health and Welfare requirements when you cannot.

Protection against Long Term Care Costs:

The 1990 Community Care Act, maintains that each person is financially responsible for their own residential care costs. This basically means that, if there is ever a need for residential care, either due to incapacity or serious illness, Social Services is entitled to sell your home and use the proceeds (less £22,000) which is returned to you), to supply care costs.

If you feel that you, or your family should be in a position to make this important decision, and not some stranger. Then Access Wills can help.

Through the use of appropriate trusts in your Will. We can help put the control back where it should be, that is in your hands, and not in the hands of strangers.


There are a number of ways of legally protecting your assets . One of the safest methods is by the use of Trusts. In essence a Trust is a legal container, that you can place specific assets in. The Trust/container and assets within then becomes the responsibility of your chosen Trustees (your family members) for the eventual benefit of your chosen beneficiaries.

Probate services:

Simply put, Probate is a means of settling your affairs, and putting everything in order. Probate ensures that any outstanding taxes are paid, and any outstanding debts are settled. The remaining estate is then distributed in accordance with the instructions of your Will.

Access Wills and our Probate associates can remove this time consuming, costly process from burdening your family at a fraction of the cost of a High Street Solicitor.

Deeds of Variation:

A Deed of variation allows a surviving Spouse the right to alter the instructions of an existing Joint Will for the benefit of themselves and or the family.

It must be enacted within 2 years, of a Spouse dying and can be instrumental in Inheritance Tax protection.

Advance Directives:

Also known as Living Wills, it clearly states your wishes in advance, so that if you ever suffer from critical medical conditions, you would have the Legal right to refuse medical procedures for example being kept alive artificially whilst suffering from severe brain damage.

It allows you the right to make a choice in advance, saving your family the need to make very difficult decisions.

Inheritance Tax Protection:

With careful planning and efficient Wills, we at Access Wills can help you shelter your estate from Inheritance Tax.

On your behalf, we will ensure that the proceeds of your estate passes to your loved ones, and not to the Taxman.

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An Access Wills Codicil allows you to make a simple change to an existing Will . This is beneficial when there is a need to make a simple minor change. Please talk to your consultant they will advise you on the best way forward.

Affordable Funeral Plans:

Access Wills can help you to Pre-Plan and Pre-Pay your funeral in advance. Saving your Family the need to organise and finance your funeral, when they are least able to cope.

Secure Document Storage:

In addition to your Wills and Deeds, Access Wills will store any other Important Documents, all together in a secure, Fire retardant facility. We will supply you and your executors with a certificate of custody, informing you where your Will is stored.

It allows access to your documents with 24hour notice.

It should be noted, that your documents will only be released to yourself, with appropriate picture identification. Alternatively to a Spouse or Executor with a valid Death Certificate, and appropriate picture identification.

Our service also offers our clients Access to:

  • Independent Financial Advice
  • Comprehensive Mortgage Services
  • Expert Probate Services
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